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  • My Father’s Son posted 5 months ago

    Three o’clock in the morning on November 20th 2007 I was driving on the Ohio Turnpike, my family also with me but were asleep. With an eight hundred and fifty mile trip there’s a whole lot a thinkin goin on… I could see myself thirty something years ago sitting at the dinner table with dad […]

  • “Excellence in Broadcasting for 75 Years” posted 12 months ago

      Today is the big event.  At 4:00 pm WSTP signed on the air in 1939.  With a lot of preperation WSTP ran the Rose Bowl at 5:00pm.  Call in today and we will record you birthday wishes and play them over the new year.  Every one is welcome. Tim Coates,  President

  • Have You Chosen Peace In Your Heart? posted 1 year ago

    Have You Chosen Peace In Your Heart?

    The news this week is dominated by the passing of Nelson Mandela and rightly so. He has demonstrated to the world something about the capacity of humanity to hold peace in our hearts that only a few have done in a very public way during my lifetime. But, I am not writing about Mandela. I […]

  • *Bulletin……Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor* posted 1 year ago

    *Bulletin......Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor*

    December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Heavy damage to the Pacific Fleet and loss of life. WSTP Radio,Tim Coates Headlines like these reached every newspaper and radio station in the nation and eventually across the world.  Early Sunday morning December 7th without any provocation the Japanese Empire launched a surprise attack on the United States […]

  • A Hitchicker with a Susprise posted 1 year ago

    Salisbury (WSTP)  On my way home Monday night I was near to the  intersection of North Main Street and 13th street playing with my I-Phone while traffic went by when a woman walked up to my truck asking for a ride home.  Frankly I was more interested in trying out a new app than noticing the […]

  • Will Your Child Be Bullied This Year? Can You Do Anything To Help? posted 1 year ago

    Will Your Child Be Bullied This Year? Can You Do Anything To Help?

    Parents have a lot on their minds as they prepare to send their children back to school. There is making sure they have the right supplies and maybe the outfit that is just right for the first day. For some, the logistics of getting Suzie to one location and Daniel to another at the same […]

  • Bernhardt Column: Master of Chaos posted 1 year ago

    Bernhardt Column:  Master of Chaos

    My life has taken many twists and turns through the years, but one course I plotted early in my professional journey was to become a professional master of ceremonies; the abbreviation of which is “MC,” which I’m pretty sure stands for “master of chaos.” There are numerous events throughout the area each year that require […]

  • Thin is Definitely In – Kent Bernhardt Column posted 1 year ago

    Thin is Definitely In - Kent Bernhardt Column

          We have an obsession with “thin” in this country. I know that, because the happiest people I see in TV commercials these days are the people who have just lost a large amount of weight. You’d be hard pressed to find a happier group of people on the face of the earth. […]

  • Happiness, Good for your Life posted 1 year ago

     Jeanine Broderick, CFIRS, AIRC, FLMI, CHC   Author, Speaker, Scholar,              We live in a world where science has proven many of the benefits of positivity and optimism including our immune systems function better when we are happy than when we are not. Life expectancy is 10.7 years more and, more importantly, our healthy […]

  • King George III posted 1 year ago

    King George III

    David Whisenant On this, and many other days in 1776, this man in this picture was the chief bad guy. This is King George III. At a bar in Salisbury that was just a few doors down from my office, his framed portrait was turned towards the wall during the war. I found an interesting […]