• Jon Barber And the Copier posted 5 months ago

      How do we justify using precious SBI resources to investigate the use of a copier by a county commissioner? I have a friend that recently retired from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department.  He worked in the cyber crimes division.  I visited him one day while he had one of my employee’s computer trying to […]

  • Problems with the SBI Crime Lab & DNA posted 6 months ago

    My name is Kami Styles. I would like to share with you a story about my friend who was murdered in his Asheville NC home and what we’ve had to deal with since his death. Chris was an up-and-coming artist living in Asheville when he was beaten and strangled to death in his apartment on […]

  • Two arrested for death of toddler posted 8 months ago

    Two arrested for death of toddler

    As I read the story about the parents who tortured a 15 month old toddler, Malaya Huen and eventually murdered her I had a number of emotions that hit at the same time; both anger and sadness.  Actually she died from injuries suffered by being molested.  The mother and father have been arrested for these […]

  • May 26th, The Real Memorial Day posted 8 months ago

    “Veterans Memorial Day”! Yes! This is what it has become, “Veterans Memorial Day”, from the Salisbury City council proclaiming (May 6) “Veterans Memorial” day, to the staffer involved in typing agenda stating “Its a different day”, to newspaper articles, radio and TV programs that blend Memorial Day (those who died (KIA)/MIA) with Veterans day (honor […]

  • Rep. Marcus Brandon’s Press Confrence Cancelled. posted 11 months ago

    Due to changing schedules, Rep. Marcus Brandon’s candidate filing press conference for tomorrow is cancelled. We wanted to make sure that everyone was aware to prevent anyone traveling to Salisbury inadvertently. If you have any questions, please call Drew Gibson at 336-491-9566. Thank you.

  • “Excellence in Broadcasting for 75 Years” posted 1 year ago

      Today is the big event.  At 4:00 pm WSTP signed on the air in 1939.  With a lot of preperation WSTP ran the Rose Bowl at 5:00pm.  Call in today and we will record you birthday wishes and play them over the new year.  Every one is welcome. Tim Coates,  President

  • Another consequence from the government shutdown posted 1 year ago

    Another consequence from the government shutdown

                    Karen South Jones   At a meeting this morning, I learned of yet another consequence from the government shutdown. I had read previously about how families would not be receiving their day care subsidies. What I didn’t know is this: Many of these families are those in […]

  • Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League posted 1 year ago

    www.BREDL.org 4617 Pearl Rd. Raleigh N.C. 27610 (919) 345-3673 therese.vick@gmail.com August 15, 2013 Hello: I am writing to make you aware of an important personal property rights issue that is facing North Carolina. Right now, the Mining and Energy Commission is deciding whether to allow the State, gas companies, and others to force an individual […]

  • Guns vs knives, both kill. posted 2 years ago

    I saw this headline earlier and couldn’t help but comment about it; Student charged in stabbings on TX campus, 14 injured. I doubt you will hear much about this in the media because the accused wasn’t carrying a gun.  Think about that sentence for a minute.  There’s no denying the truth.  The gun control debates makes […]

  • History of religion and government posted 2 years ago

    The reason many immigrates came to America in the 18, 19, and 20 century was to flee the state sponsor religions or oppressions there of by the governments of some nations. The first amendment to the constitution states:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ….”  Furthermore the sixth amendment […]