Kent Bernhardt

That familiar voice on Salisbury’s Early Morning News has been a part of Rowan County airwaves for nearly 35  years. First joining WSTP in 1977 as a news anchor, Kent Bernhardt remained with the station until December of 2000, when he left to join the Performance Racing Network at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Still the Production Coordinator for PRN, Bernhardt returned to WSTP in July, 2008 to reunite with his old friend Howard Platt on WSTP’s morning show.  Every morning, he gets to do what he loves most; connecting with the local community in a personal way.  When he is not behind the mic, Bernhardt enjoys theater, photography, vintage movies and TV, and is a regular columnist for The Salisbury Post.  He also authors a humorous blog of his memories growing up in Faith, NC called “Ye of Little Faith.” He’s the proud father of a daughter, McKenna, who is a student at Appalachian State University.

Howard Platt

Confirmed bachelor, sports maniac, and not-so-reformed hippie. Howard Platt is the long time voice of Legion baseball, a fan of the Redskins (like you didn’t already know that), the Tar heels and the Atlanta Braves. Howard enjoys the life he leads-a steady diet of sports, food, wrestling (no, it’s not a sport), movies, food, sports, and graving upon the fairer sex-and sports, also. Oh, ask him how feels about soccer.

Mike Mangan

Mike Mangan is a Top 40 DJ from way back, working markets like: New York, Boston, New Orleans, to name a few. Years and years in the industry have given him the edge of knowing what’s news worthy, what sounds good, and how to be a class act on the air. Being the best on the air means striving to be the best. Simply put… his influences makes WSTP the best News Talk radio stations on the air.. here or anywhere else!

Tim Coates

Tim Coates during college worked at neighboring station on the late 1970’s & early 1980’s falling in love with broadcasting and engineering. Needing a full time job, he left radio to open a two-way radio business that was successful but never got radio out of his mind. Most people in radio make it a career. It is a bit addictive. 10 years ago he got an opportunity to purchase a majority interest of WSTP. The broadcast business had changed and a lot of the fun was gone, a victim of automation. The internet is going to be more important as time passes and puts every radio station on an equal playing field. Over the past ten years he built a new friendly studio, modernized the equipment, and did numerous repairs and upgrades to the building. The tower system was overgrown with weeds and trees which were cleared and a new ground system installed, finally put in an entirely new antenna feed system.