212 Rotary Tennis Tournament



*Please see attached pdf document which includes ALL brackets for this weekend’s tournament.  When you open the pdf, please scroll down through the pages to find the division/age you entered.  If there are errors, please send us an email.

IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID YOUR ENTRY FEE, PLEASE BRING YOUR CHECK PAYABLE TO SALISBURY ROTARY CLUB.  IF YOU NEED TO BRING CASH, PLEASE BRING CORRECT AMOUNT.  If you entered the Junior Division:  1 event = $15; 2 events = $20.  If you entered the Adult Division:  1 event = $25; 2 events = $35.


The weekend forecast is about 50/50 chance of rain (as of Wed night).  But hopefully the sun will shine all weekend with just a few clouds here and there.  In the event of bad weather, we will do our best to email and post updates to our website:  www.rotarytennis.wordpress.com  —
but we also need your cell phone number in order to contact you with any last minute changes due to weather delays.  Please reply back with your cell phone number as soon as possible.

That’s all for now — remember to check back Thursday after 2 p.m. for the division brackets.  Thanks to each of you, all our tourney sponsors and to the Salisbury Rotary Club for their commitment and support!

See you on the courts ~
Liz, Jon, Reid and your 2013 Tennis Committee


*To get this on the website quickly I used cut and paste however the attachment would not follow.  Refer to the above website for assistance.