A special contribution from Salisbury Police Chief Rory Collins


Submitted by David Whisenant
Wednesday, May 15th, 2013, 5:03pm
A special contribution from Salisbury Police Chief Rory Collins

SALISBURY – This is a special article written by Salisbury Police Chief Rory Collins on “Peace Officers Memorial Day.”

As you know, today is “Peace Officers Memorial Day”. This is a day that is set aside each year to pay tribute to those law enforcement officers who have sacrificed their life while striving to protect the communities they serve. While it is unfortunate that this day is necessary, we are grateful that there is an opportunity to honor our “Brothers and Sisters in Blue” who have given all they have to give.

During my 23 year career in the policing profession, I have seen tremendous changes. One of the biggest changes, however, has been the overall lack of respect and cooperation, which has deteriorated drastically, especially among those of the younger generations. This attitude and demeanor toward law enforcement goes a long way toward making the goal of investigating crime and providing protection for our community much more difficult.

While most law enforcement officers these days are taught to deal with disrespect quite well, while still carrying out their mission of serving the community’s needs, it would certainly make our jobs much easier and much more rewarding if we did not have to endure those negative encounters. There is no question that the majority of those we serve are very respectful and appreciative of our efforts and that those who thrive off of this negativity toward police are scarce when compared to a community’s total population. However, negativity tends to overshadow positive, as is nearly always the case regardless of the circumstances.