Accused killer of Treasure Feamster back in court

Submitted by David Whisenant
Tuesday, March 26th, 2013, 9:13am
Accused killer of Treasure Feamster back in court

SALISBURY – It was one of Salisbury’s most tragic and high profile criminal cases, and it led to a push to curb the activity of gangs in Salisbury, and across North Carolina.

Treasure Feamster, 13, was shot and killed while attending a party at the J.C. Price American Legion building.  She was caught in the crossfire of two rival gangs who were shooting it out in the parking lot.

Today, the man who police say pulled the trigger and killed Feamster in March, 2007, will be back in court, and the District Attorney is hoping for a better outcome than his last appearance in 2009.

At that time Reginald Leach was expected to accept a plea deal, but the deal fell through and Leach refused, so back to jail he went.

WBTV was in the courtroom in 2009 and recorded Leach saying  “I didn’t do it. I’d rather go back to my cell.”

After that, :Leach turned around to tell his mother that he loved her, and she shouted that she was glad he would not accept the plea deal from then District Attorney Bill Kenerly.
The District Attorney’s Office was going to reduce the first-degree murder charge to second-degree murder and consolidate the rioting charge.

Five others were charged in the case of Feamster’s death.

Damarcus Antonio Richardson, Alvin Deon Harrell, John Calvin Sifford, Patrick Antonio Hailey, and Elbert Leon Chambers III, have all completed sentences and have been released on various charges associated with the case.

Leach was identified by police as the shooter and was the only suspect to face the murder charge.

If Leach accepts a plea today he could be facing between 8 and 15 years in prison, but would get credit for time served.