Armed robbery at ATM foiled by alert police officer

Submitted by David Whisenant
Thursday, December 6th, 2012, 9:18am
Armed robbery at ATM foiled by alert police officer

SALISBURY – Salisbury Police Officer Jennifer Moreau thought something was a little suspicious about the man who ran and jumped into a car near Old West Innes Street on Wednesday afternoon.  The officer decided to follow the white Buick, and within minutes, she heard a call on her police radio that someone had attempted to rob a man at gunpoint at the nearby Wells Fargo.

Moreau then turned out the blue lights and siren and stopped the Buick.  She arrested the driver, Dajion Daryl Brathwaite, 19, and charged him with robbery with a dangerous weapon.  The passenger, Akin Kemon Robinson, 18, was also charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Police say Robinson was lurking behind a tree near the Wells Fargo ATM at the corner of W. Innes and Grove Streets around 5 pm Wednesday afternoon.  A man walked up to use the ATM and was approached by Robinson, who pointed the gun at him and demanded his money.

The alleged victim refused, started walking backwards towards the door of the bank screaming loudly that he was being robbed.  He then started banging on the doors.  Robinson turned and ran away and was spotted by Officer Moreau just minutes later before police had even been called about the robbery.

Bond for Robinson is set at $51,000 and includes a second charge for failure to appear in court.  Bond for Brathwaite is set at $50,000.