City Council’s Alexander visiting Salisbury, England this week



Submitted by David Whisenant
Monday, May 20th, 2013, 7:10am

City Council's Alexander visiting Salisbury, England this week

SALISBURY – Karen Alexander, the newest member of the Salisbury City Council, is enjoying a week in Salisbury. That may not sound unusual, but this week she’s in Salisbury, England.

Several years ago the City of Salisbury, NC, established a sister city relationship with the historic UK Salisbury, and there have been trips back and forth by city officials, and “councilors” since that time. Salisbury, NC, even has a special commemorative plaque on the sidewalk in front of the City Administration building.

Recently, Salisbury, UK, invited representatives of the various “Salisbury’s” in the US to visit the UK for special ceremonies this week, and Alexander made the trip.

Each day Alexander has put together a postcard with pictures to show what she and the group have been doing.

Salisbury, UK, has just elected Penny Brown as Mayor. When a new mayor is elected, the mayor selects a particular charity for emphasis, according to the Salisbury Journal.

Her chosen charity for the year is the Stars Appeal and their CT Scanner campaign.

“I wanted to support a project that will provide tangible benefits to the wider community here in Salisbury, including our ever increasing military community and the Stars Appeal’s CT Scanner campaign will do just that,” Brown told the Journal.

“A second CT scanner could help save so many lives and that is why I am urging everyone to join me in supporting the campaign so we can get this second scanner for our hospital as soon as possible.”

At the ceremony attended by Alexander, a Salisbury, UK, council member said it had been an “enormous privilege and pleasure” to be mayor during a “very special year for Salisbury”.

Salisbury, UK, Mayor Penny Brown