City: Downtown business not “Okey Dokey” when it comes to following rules

Submitted by David Whisenant
Tuesday, December 4th, 2012, 5:21pm
City: Downtown business not "Okey Dokey" when it comes to following rulesThis is how the area behind Okey Dokey and Company appeared late Tuesday afternoon

SALISBURY – During its meeting on Tuesday, the Salisbury City Council voted to hold a public hearing dealing with what one city inspector sees as problems being created by the Okey Dokey store at 126 E. Innes St.

Code Services Division Manager Chris Branham told council that Okey Dokey was ignoring orders to clean up behind the store and that if the business won’t do it, the City would.

When discussing the area behind the building, Branham wrote: “there continues to be a large amount of debris and storage material that harbors an environment that is unsafe and does not contribute positively towards maintaining public health and general welfare.”

Branham presented his findings to the council, saying the area behind the store is creating unsafe and hazardous conditions for the downtown district.  Branham wants Okey Dokey declared a general nuisance, giving the City to right to clean up the area.

Council set the public hearing for Tuesday, December 18 during the regularly scheduled meeting.