City of Salisbury services impacted by weather

Submitted by David Whisenant
Friday, January 25th, 2013, 11:36am

City of Salisbury services impacted by weather

SALISBURY – The changing weather conditions have prompted changes in schedules and services for the City of Salisbury.

All non-essential City operations have closed. This includes City Hall, City Office Building and all Recreation Centers.

All essential operations will continue, which includes public safety operations, Police and Fire, as well as our Public Service operations as they attend to roadways. City Transit service will operate through 4:45 p.m. and will terminate service two hours early.

The Salisbury Police Department is advising, per deteriorating weather conditions, that citizens should travel, only if necessary.

Additional weather related information, affecting City operations may be issued through the Public Information Office and will also be available through the City’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, as well as the City’s website at