City releases 911 call audio in case that’s sparked outrage by NAACP

Submitted by David Whisenant
Friday, October 25th, 2013, 2:14pm

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SALISBURY, NC (WBTV)- The city of Salisbury released the 911 tapes on Friday in connection to the arrest of Graham Hosch by the Salisbury Police Department.

The Salisbury-Rowan NAACP has called for an independent investigation into several recent cases of what the organization calls excessive use of force and police brutality against African-Americans.

In the 911 call which runs about six minutes long a man can be heard frantically asking the disptahcer to send all available officers to the scene of a fight outside of a bar.

One of the people arrested was Graham Hosch, who the NAACP says was assaulted by officers and had his windpipe crushed by police two weeks ago as he walked away from the bar fight.

A source with knowledge of the incident told WBTV that Hosch was beaten up at the bar prior to the arrival of officers and that the injury did not come from police.

In statement on Friday the city of Salisbury says that an outside investigation is being handled by the Rowan County District Attorney’s Office.

“We are in the process of investigating the allegations made by Mr. Teamer about the Salisbury Police Department. We take all allegations very seriously, and will conduct a thorough investigation. Once the investigation is complete we will take appropriate action and release a statement to the public about the outcome of the investigation. As policy, we do not comment on active investigations until the investigation is concluded.

Regarding Mr. Teamer’s concerns about minority hiring practices, one of the City of Salisbury’s values as an organization is diversity. In the last year we’ve hired 12 police officers and of those hires, five (5) were minority hires.

The City of Salisbury has a long history of partnership with the Salisbury-Rowan NAACP, and we look forward to continuing this partnership for the betterment of our community.”

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