Delilah Brings Music Back to WSTP

 Tim Coates (WSTP)  For years I have listened to Delilah on other stations thinking it would be nice if we could bring her to our station.  Over the last 10 years I have called her network to no avail.  She was under contract to other stations in the Charlotte and Greensboro market and there was no possibly we could get her.

While I normally don’t like computers in general I do have a Facebook site that I check from time to time.  I have her on my site and recently mentioned that she had lost some stations and was asking people to call into the stations complaining about her show being cancelled.  Well, I did better than calling a  station, I e-mailed and offered her one!  I immediately called her Affiliate Relations Manager the next day and asked if there was a possibility of picking up her show because she lost the Charlotte market station.  I got a maybe, they would look into it.  Over the next few days Mike Mangan, the station general manager made some calls, I sent an e-mail or two and to my surprise we got approved!!!

Delilah lost some stations because they changed the formats to music that appealed to a 14-21 age group.  Of course I am glad they made the change.

Delilah has one of the most recognized names in the radio business.  She is on  200 stations with over 8 million listeners!  I will be posting more information on this site and the station’s Facebook site in the upcoming days.  Sometime this week we will have her on the air 7 to midnight, and also on the streaming website.  More to come…..