Drug dealers serve up fast ride for sheriff

Submitted by David Whisenant
Thursday, December 6th, 2012, 9:30am
Drug dealers serve up fast ride for sheriff

SALISBURY – If you see that flashy Chevy Camaro splashed with the colors of the Rowan County Sheriff, don’t think that the department is throwing tax money around for sports cars.  This Camaro didn’t cost the county a dime, in fact, it’s saving money.

The Camaro was seized from drug dealers  and gang members under the Asset Forfeiture agreement that exists between local government law enforcement agencies and the Department of Homeland Security.  It means that anything seized from convicted drug dealers can be put back into the local community and used by the law enforcement agency.

Just this year the sheriff”s office has obtained enough cars to outfit the special operations unit, along with lawn equipment, houses, four wheelers, and cash.

Major David Ramsey estimates that the use of seized property has saved more than $250,000 for the county.

The Camaro will be used as part of the department’s Gang Resistance Training and will be seen frequently around local schools.  Deputy Scott Flowers will be behind the wheel.

The sheriff knows the car will turn a lot of heads, and that’s the idea, especially since right on the front fender it boldly proclaims that the car was “seized from your local gang member.”