Groundbreaking for Rowan Animal Clinic

Submitted by David Whisenant
Friday, November 16th, 2012, 4:17pm
Groundbreaking for Rowan Animal Clinic

SALISBURY –  In February, it all went up in smoke and flames. The Rowan Animal Clinic in Salisbury burned, and nine dogs who were staying at the clinic died.

On Saturday afternoon at 1, the owners plan to break ground on the new facility where the old one had stood, and those animals who perished won’t be forgotten.

There’s already some work being done at the site of the new building for the Rowan Animal Clinic, but Saturday is the day they’ve waited for.

“It means we’re going to get started,” said clinic manager Nick Lowe.  “We’re moving forward from something that was a pretty big tragedy, it’s a plus.”

Rising from the ashes of a tragic February fire, the owners plan to rebuild on the same site just off Statesville Boulevard.

“It’s pretty big for our family because that was our whole livelihood over there and it’s big for the community too,” Lowe added.

The clinic is now in a temporary location just up the road.  Rebuilding will actually mean the clinic can offer more than it did at the old location. Large animals, like horse will be able to be treated inside, and there are perks for workers too.

Rebuilding is a labor of love for the Lowe family, but also for the customers they’ve served over the years. For months, anyone coming through the door of the temporary clinic wanted to know when construction would start, and now Nick can give a precise answer.

“That’s our home and everybody is ready for us to be back in our home,” Lowe said.

That fire started in an attic, but the exact cause was not determined because the damage was so extensive.

The groundbreaking takes place at 1pm Saturday. A fund has been set up at Wells Fargo in Salisbury to collect donations to build the Precious Nine dog park.