High Rock Lake Water Levels

High Rock Dam.  (File photo)
(WSTP Salisbury)  With all of the rain that has fallen this week High Rock is almost at full pool.  Actually it is six inches from the Flood Pool.   With the high water levels, moving currents make it  dangerous to enter the water in otherwise safe swimming and boating areas.  Boaters should also be aware the strong currents can overpower small outboards or boats that have engine troubles forcing them aground causing damage.
Water Level
654.51 FEET
Saturday, July 13, 2013
   8:00:00 AM
Level is 0.69 feet
below full pool of 655.20

Summer Full Pool: 655.20 feet
Winter Pool: 0.00 feet
Flood Pool: 655.00 feetChange Since Yesterday:  0.29 Feet
Level Controlled by: Yadkin Inc.
The NOAA website reports no drought conditions through out the state with significant surpluses in some areas.
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