Attorney General Warns – Watch Out for Scammers!

(WBTV) North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper is asking homeowners to be well-informed about potential scammers moving through the state.

Cooper says some con artists work and travel in groups, descending on an area and scamming as many local residents as possible before moving on.  The traveling con artists usually knock on your door and offer some kind of service, like driveway or home repairs. In most cases, the repairs are unnecessary, overpriced, and poorly done, if done at all.

Some con artists also use “distraction” scams. These scams usually involve one or two people who keep a homeowner occupied while a third crook, sometimes pretending to be ill or pregnant, steals cash, jewelry, or other valuables from the home.

The Attorney General says the best protection is still a well-informed consumer.  Homeowners are urged to very skeptical when someone knocks on your door offering to do work, no matter how convincing they may be.  If you spot a con artist or suspicious group operating in your neighborhood, you should call your local law enforcement.