Own a piece of Grimes Mill; bricks now for sale

Own a piece of Grimes Mill; bricks now for sale
Submitted by David Whisenant
Friday, February 1st, 2013, 9:31am

SALISBURY – The Historic Salisbury Foundation is now selling bricks from the site of the Grimes Mill.

The mill was destroyed by a massive fire on January 16.  Brian Davis, head of the Historic Salisbury Foundation, told WBTV that the group wanted to salvage as much as possible from the site.

“We are going to try and salvage as much of the material as possible from metal that can be recycled,” Davis told WBTV.   “To some of the bricks that were there that are still whole that can be used in landscaping or used in walkways, things like that, the granite coins, some of the detailing that was on some of the oldest parts of the mill, even some of the lumber that is so thick it can be re-planed.  We’re looking with a local contractor about possible being able to salvage some of that.  Again our goal is to really keep as much of the material out of the landfill as possible.”

Davis says the group will be selling bricks from the mill (250 bricks to the pallet) for use in landscaping – walkways, edging or patios – for $100 (tax included).

They must be picked up and hand-loaded by the buyer from the site. HSF’s goal, according to Davis, is to save as much re-usable material from the mill as possible and to be environmentally responsible by reducing the amount of material going to the landfill. If you’re interested you can place an order by calling 704-636-0103.