The Cost Related to the Boston Marathon Bombing



(WSTP) In an unprecedented step, the Boston area was placed on lockdown most of Friday while police conducted a massive search for the armed and dangerous suspect.

As Boston can take a break from being in the eye of the world the cost of apprehending the suspects will add up to be a massive amount.  There is no argument the search and apprehension of the two had to take place, but was locking down the whole city of Boston necessary?

One day of lost commence will never be known but with businesses shut down the city lost sales tax revenue, transit fees, taxes on various fuels, hotel occupancy fees, and these are only a fraction of the cost to the city.  Private businesses suffered a similar loss. According to the census bureau $44,459 of retail sales and associated business income could be lost in one day.

Finally what about the lost wages to the employees while their jobs were brought to a standstill.  Of course the state and federal government lost income taxes for the day.

According to the Census Bureau this event could have impacted the lives of nearly 625,000 residents in one way or another.  The median income per family is approximately$51,800 per year or 142 dollars per day per household.

The cost of law enforcement; Boston Police, State and Federal law enforcement agencies were working around the clock incurring overtime pay.  The amount  of logistics support needed to keep an army of law enforcement officers fed and supplied will add up to an surprising amount.  Just fuel for police cars, SWAT vehicles, and even helicopters will be incredibly expensive.

Did the declaration of a “no-fly” zone cost the airlines fuel to take other routes bypassing the city?  Even the power companies had to be impacted by a loss of revenues due to business and industrial users being shut down.

When the last suspect was captured and the city lock down was lifted what are the real costs involved?  Millions, tens of millions,  hundreds of millions, more?  Is it possible to ever know?

Allowing the people that caused this tragedy to escape was not an option.  Whatever the costs eventually add up to be, terrorists can not be allowed to hold a city, state or a country hostage,  The public safety and confidence in our government cannot be measured in dollars and cents.



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