Two arrested for death of toddler

As I read the story about the parents who tortured a 15 month old toddler, Malaya Huen and eventually murdered her I had a number of emotions that hit at the same time; both anger and sadness.  Actually she died from injuries suffered by being molested.  The mother and father have been arrested for these crimes.  As the Constitution treats those accused of being innocent until proven guilty I can’t directly say the parents are guilty but my opinion is that is the case.

Malaya Heun (Source: Facebook) If so, there is not an appropriate punishment allowed by law that would be fitting.  Numerous people have suggested allowing them to be released if they are convicted.  I tend to agree with them.  If convicted give them a sentence of one day then release them and let justice be served by the public.  Do they deserve police protection if guilty, but then, are they safe at any prison in the country?

This story is repulsive, a 15 month toddler had no defense, why should the people that did these atrocities have one?  In my opinion, if the people below are guilty you are looking at true evil and useless trash.


Tim Coates,

Linwood NC